Rest assured, you’ll have less maintenance.

Customers are tired of seeing broken down walkways, and we KNOW you’re tired of fixing them. We offer better reliability and continuous operation. With Starglide, there’s simply less to worry about:
  • Fewer rotating parts
  • No tread gaps
  • No grease or oil
  • Wear resistant 
  • Flame resistant
  • Energy efficiency

Less parts. Less hassle.

Most moving walkways on the market are pallet-based, whereas we use a belt. The full-band system is completely closed – there are no joints. We also use a friction drive through a pulley, resulting in quiet, smooth operation.

Belts are better. See why:

  • Starglide has fewer rotating parts, and thus, maintenance is limited.
  • With no tread gaps, the continuous, unbroken surface eliminates dust accumulation.
  • Our walkway provides better reliability and continuous operation.
  • Starglide is made of high-wear-resistant rubber and is sufficiently rigid so that supports are only required along each edge.
  • Starglide uses a proprietary type of rubber that resists every type of flame.
  • Absence of grease and oil from mechanical parts reduces the risk of fire propagation.
  • Our ecological design produces very low levels of oil-soiled waste.
  • Starglide Belt Walkway has less parts, thus reducing your energy consumption.

Inner Decking

Skirt Panel

Fire Resistant Cleated Rubber Belt

Transverse Steel Chord

Longitudinal Reinforcement

Transverse Steel Chord

Edge Support Rollers

Discover a smoother way to move forward.


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