Customizable to fit almost any walkway space!

Starglide provides minimal disruption to your current floor! Our belt has good longitudinal flexibility to readily wrap around small terminal pulleys, and thus works with relatively shallow depths. With strong reinforcements, the Starglide system is sufficiently versatile to accommodate an extensive range of operating conditions. Because of our non-slip surface, you can also find installations in areas that may get wet, such as parking garages and outdoor spaces.

How does it fit?

We have much more flexibility in how the belt system works than a chain-driven pallet system. Our boundary dimensions work in any existing openings and can be customized to fit any space with minimal disruption. Whether you’re replacing, extending or starting from scratch, we will work with you to come up with a successful design concept to fit your space, exactly. 

Your length, your width, our design!

Customizable to Any Specific Length or Width.

Continuous Rubber Belt = Fits Any Size, Exactly.

Shallow Truss Depth = Smaller Pits Needed.

Belt Moving Walkways
Around the World.

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